Data Services

Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, automate workflows, or enhance customer experience, our AI data solutions are tailored to your needs.

Data services
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Data services
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DOTS Platform

Flexibility in Project Workflow and Tool Configuration

  • Tailored project workflows and data handling to meet specific data demands
  • Personalized configuration options for task parameters, labeling tools, and data attributes
  • Advanced customization for data quality metrics and quality assurance processes
  • Support for over 200 types of annotation tasks

Enhanced by Large-Scale Production Initiatives

  • Capable of accommodating 10,000+ concurrent online users
  • Extensive support for annotation across 50+ languages, including minority languages
  • Comprehensive provision of end-to-end annotation solutions tailored for applications in Intelligent Driving, Smart Healthcare, Smart Finance, Intelligent Security, Smart Home, Smart Education, and Scientific Research

Boosting Efficiency with Human-Machine Interaction

  • Empowering automated pre-labeling, real-time interactive assisted annotation, automated quality control, and intelligent assisted quality inspection
  • Achieving over 8-fold improvement in annotation efficiency with algorithmic support
  • Integration of 400+ proprietary algorithms covering diverse data types including images, 3D point clouds, speech, and text

Scalable Performance and Versatile Deployment

  • Support for cluster deployment and elastic scalability
  • Versatility in deployment methods including public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud